Flights to India

by Cristina  

Airplane at Mumbai AirportIndia is one of the top destinations in South Asia. Most of the travelers arrive here by plane and all are looking for some tips to obtain a cheap ticket to India.

Airports and airlines

There are more than five airports in India, which handle international traffic. However, the most important ones are Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi and the Chattrapati Shivaji International airport of Mumbai, which alone handle more than half of the air traffic in South Asia.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) is located in Mumbai and is the busiest airport in India. It’s also one of the most important getaways into the country. There are two terminals: Terminal 1 is the Domestic Terminal, while Terminal 2 is the international one. The International Terminal is divided into Terminal 2C which serves Air India and its partner airlines and Terminal 2A which serves the rest of the international airlines. Going through the custom check-ups is a bit slow but overall the situation is improving (just don’t fall into the trap of bribing the employees for a “smooth entry”; things aren’t that bad to encourage corruption). The airport is located at 28 km / 17.4 miles from downtown. Most hotels offer transport for a fee (or included in the room price). If that’s not an option, a pre-paid taxi is the best way to get to the city.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) is located in Delhi is the main entry point to the area where the capital is located. The airport’s major problem is being overcrowded, particularly during peak hours. There are two domestic terminals (Terminal 1A and 1B) and one international terminal. There are 35 international airlines flying into Delhi’s airport.To get from the airport to the city it’s advisable to arrange for transport ahead of time. Most hotels offer the service either for a fee or as part of the room price.

Tips to get a cheap ticket to India

With so many airports and airlines flying into India it’s quite easy to find a cheap ticket. Plan ahead and check all the possible connections. First, check if you can fly directly into the city/area of interest. Then check if you can fly into a bigger airport and then catch a domestic flight into the city closest to where you want to spend your vacations.

During peak season, many low-cost international carriers fly directly into the beach areas in Goa. So make sure to either check ahead of time or ask your travel agent about this.

If you book your vacation to one of the luxury resorts, make sure to ask about charter flights as well.

Avoid flying during the weekend. Prices are generally lower during mid-week and the flights are not that crowded either.

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